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Organically Grown
Created from an obscure Elephant Pepe meme from years ago, this coin's mission is to become so much more than "just" a memecoin. Our main goals are to build a strong, organic community and to donate to Autism Speaks, as well as the Save the Elephants Charities. So far, we have established a community free from influencers which is powered by hand-made memes. Multiple failed, influencer-backed copycats have already challenged us and fallen. Join the original blue elephant coin in its journey to becoming the number one meme Ethereum.
How to buy:
Create a crypto wallet using Coinbase Wallet or a different wallet like MetaMask.
Total Supply
40 M Charity Wallet - 4M distributed equally to charities at the following Market Caps: 2M, 10M, 25M, 50m, 75M, 100M, 250M, 500M, 1B.
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